TES Mechanical Electrical provides several electrical services.

We’ve been providing these services for the air conditioning industry since 1968.

BMCS Installation
The BMCS Installation division of TES is a professional team of electricians specialising in control wiring.

CUBIC Accredited Switchboard Builders to AS61349
TES has over 50 years of experience designing and building all types of Switchboards and Motor Control Panels.

Insurance Rectification Works
TES is extremely experienced in Insurance Rectification works and is available to meet with you on-site to provide assistance on your damaged electrical systems.

Mechanical Service Wiring
The Mechanical Electrical Installation division of TES provides customers will full-time project management of site qualified personnel.

Switchboard Design & Manufacture
The switchboard design & manufacture division of TES provides customers with full-time electrical engineering services.


TES Mechanical Electrical provides services to the air conditioning industry and sells premium products, partnering with leading brands to deliver high quality results. To find out more, contact us now by clicking here or call 02 9939 6177.