Welcome To TES Mechanical Electrical!

We’re very excited to start working with you, but if you need more information about who we are, read on!

TES Mechanical Electrical has provided services to the air conditioning industry since 1968. This line of work includes all electrical needs for motor control centres, air conditioning, ventilation, pumping stations, water treatment, building management and C02 systems.


TES, formerly known as Terry’s Electrical Services, was created in 1968 by Terry Jones. In 1995, four prominent employees bought the company from Terry and continued expanding and developing it into what it is today. With this new leadership team, TES has evolved enormously and is now one of the largest Mechanical Electrical companies in Australia with operations in Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Mackay, Townsville and Adelaide.

Master Electricians

In 2012, TES was invited to join the ‘Master Electricians of Australia’. Membership accreditation saw us go through a strict audit process of our companies systems including WH&S, training, accounting, and insurance etc. The team at TES are very proud to announce we passed (with flying colours) and are now listed as Accredited Master Electricians.


TES Mechanical Electrical provides services to the air conditioning industry and sells premium products, partnering with leading brands to deliver high quality results. To find out more, contact us now by clicking here or call 02 9939 6177.